3-Outlet Air Transfer System, Professionally Installed

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Inlet: Square inlet near heater 230mm x 230mm with 200mm ducting connection
Fan: 200mm FanBoss Ducting Fan with 12 months warranty
Outlets: Square multi-vents (4 different Louvre directions for superior air dispersal)
Ducting: 200mm and 150mm flexible ducting with R1-M rated polyester insulation 
Controller: Fan on/off switch on a separate wall-based switch mounting plate or incorporated into existing switches.
This system is designed for 24/7 operation over the cooler months of the year, and works best when a heater - such as a heat pump / reverse cycle air conditioner or wood heater - that is located near the inlet is run overnight, even if it is on a lower temperature setting. This will allow excess heat to travel to bedrooms.

We strongly recommend a minimum of 15cm (R3-rated) ceiling insulation to be present to allow retention of heat as it circulates around your home. 
HEG has a policy of 3-outlets minimum due to the fact that 1 and 2 outlet systems are largely ineffective due to the limited capacity of the smaller-sized 150mm fan that is used with a 2-outlet system. The price for a 2 or 3 outlet system is the same, and you have the ability to turn off one of the outlets if you choose.
NOTE: Travel of more than 30km from Launceston, Hobart or Devonport will incur a travel fee of $3.30 one-way outside of the 30km radius.